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  • Energy Saving & Thermal Insulation
  • 100% Washable & Colourfast
  • Professional installation recommended. Installation charges include all necessary chemicals & adhesives. Please select the 1 Roll + Installation option in the Select Product category.
  • Based on our repeat pattern, please order extra wallpaper to seamlessly match the design sequence. 
  • In order to help you with your wall covering calculations simply measure your walls and enter your measurements in the Wallpaper Calculator to estimate the required area of the Poddar wallpaper of your choice or how many standard rolls of wallpaper you will need.


For customization requirement please call or Whatsapp on +91 8013090909.

Poddar's Antique Collection 3


    • Wallpaper hangs best on clean and smooth surfaces. So take the time to remove old wallpaper, fill in any cracks, and repair imperfections in the wall. In the case of painted walls, smoothen them out with sandpaper.
    • Once all the repairs are done and your walls are smooth, use a soapy sponge to clean them. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry before proceeding.
    • Bubbles and creases are caused by air bubbles underneath the paper and can be the result of uneven smoothing. This can be avoided by smoothing down the centre of the strip first and then smooth outward.
    • Relatively easy to maintain, wallpapers can be cleaned using dry or wet methods such as vacuuming wallpaper or dusting with a dampened sponge/soft cloth.
    • Do not use abrasive cleaners.
    • When vacuuming, use a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the texture. 
    • In case of using a water-based medium for cleaning, use a sponge that’s been lightly dampened in a solution of water and a drop of dish soap. Don’t get the wallpaper too wet. Always test an inconspicuous spot first. If the wallpaper absorbs the water or the colours bleed, it is not washable.
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