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why wallpaper ?


time saving

Wallpaper is the fastest, most convenient, durable and hassle-free wall decoration product across the globe. The most preferred wall finish world over. Painting a space can block it for weeks. Poddar Wallpapers can be applied in a day's time, saving you from much inconvenience.

washable     & 


Poddar PVF Wallpapers are vinyl-coated with plastic; thus, they are 100% washable and naturally colorfast. They can be sponge-washed with soap solution and warm water periodically to regain the fresh, clean and pleasing look to your space. 

eco - friendly

Poddar PVF Wallpapers do not emit aerosols like paints, warrants no cutting of trees and the colour pigments are water-based; thus it is eco-friendly and recyclable.

fire retardant

Poddar Wallpapers inhibit the spread of fire. They are flame and fire retardants which are test certified as per American and British standards. They are the most practical solutions for your interiors.

long lasting

Poddar Wallpapers are eminently long on life. Made from PVF, our material and application are high on integrity and without quality deterioration. Our wallpapers are all high tear and scratch-resistant. We offer a composite warranty of 2 years for wallpaper and application, on a drywall surface with services provided by authorized contractors.

energy saving

Wallpapers are recognized for its thermal insulation. It restricts the flow of heat, acting as a coolant in summers and as a heating device in winters, limiting the need for air-conditioning and coolers. Up to 7% of energy can be saved with Poddar Wallpapers. 

hygienic & safe

Paints contain lead, which is harmful and hazardous to health. Poddar Wallpapers are made with water-based inks; thus, maintaining a high standard of safety. Hygiene is a vital part of our daily lives. Poddar Wallpapers repel dust and bacteria, assuring cleaner surroundings and easy breathing for all. Wallpaper application is also dust and allergen-free and involves no-mess, no-smell

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